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Travel Essentials

This weekend, I’m going down to the Escondido / Temecula for my wedding anniversary. I am SOOO stoked to be going back. We invited our wedding party to come down with us and celebrate, because without their love and support our wedding probably would never have happened (because I would probably had a full blown meltdown). We will be spending the weekend wine tasting, lounging by the pool, and stuffing our faces with great food. Anyway in honor of my trip down, I’m going to be focusing the next few posts on travel. Today’s is my must have travel items. I do not travel without these items ever. Whether traveling by plane or car, these items come with me ALWAYS.


I know this is really weird, but I ALWAYS bring my S’well bottle with me when I travel. I usually only bring my 25 oz and one 17 oz bottle. I’m bringing 3 this time because we are going to be dehydrated from swimming and drinking. Why these specific bottles?

  1. The 25 oz fits a whole bottle of wine, so that’s always good when we want to bring wine to the pool, but the hotel says no alcohol by the pool. I know, such rebels…
  2. These bottles keep cold liquids cold for 24 hrs and hot liquids hot for 12 hrs. You might not think that it’s that important, but when you’ve been outside all day in 100 degree weather hiking, you will appreciate the ice cold water. Also, this bottle doesn’t sweat, so I don’t have to worry about getting my bag wet.

These bottles are pricier than some other brands, but I like how stylish and sleek these are. They are available on the S’well bottle website.


  • Travel sized perfume. This time I’m bringing a Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball and my Jennifer Aniston perfume.
  • Travel sized St Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub. I love this because my face always peels when I travel, and it’s a SUPER gentle face scrub.
  • Travel sized dry shampoo. My favorite brand is Batiste.
  • I always stock up on travel sized body wash and lotion during VS and Bath and Body Works during sales, and bring them with me when I travel.
  • Bath salts / bombs. I do not have a tub in my house that I can soak in, so anytime I travel I take full advantage of the tubs.
  • Go Gear Silicone Squeezable Travel Tubes for shampoo and conditioner. For the past couple years, I have only used Pureology shampoo and conditioners. Currently I’m using products from the Riving Red line. I LOVE their stuff.
  • EOS lip balm. I really love the EOS lip balms. They’re super hydrating.
  • My Alba Aloe & Green Tea Hawaiian Moisturizer. I really really like this moisturizer. It’s very lightweight, but the real reason why I travel with these vs my everyday ones, is that I don’t feel as bad if I lose it or leave it behind on accident since it’s pretty inexpensive.
  • Makeup remover wipes. I just happen to have a bunch of Kirkland brand ones still, so those are the ones going with me.


  • My Spornette brush. I LOVE this thing. I will not go anywhere without it. It’s the only brush where I’m not brushing my hair for half an hour.
  • Always bring Clorox wipes with me everywhere. No joke, I have a big one in my car. Never know when you might need it.
  • Allergy meds. This bottle has Zyrtec and Benedryl, because I have horrible allergies.
  • Aleve, because I don’t think I’ve ever gone a week without needing it.
  • Purell for obvious reasons
  • Room Spray, because a stinky bathroom and small room is no bueno. My favorite ones are from Scentsy.
  • Deodorant for the obvious reasons.

I didn’t include some obvious things like toothbrush / toothpaste in this area, because like everyone should already know to bring them. LOL (I know deodorant  made the cute, but only because it was already hanging out with my travel sized stuff).



I have to travel with snacks, because I can very sad when I’m hungry. Yes, I get sad not cranky or angry. If I get hungry enough, everything makes me cry. I really wish I could eat protein bars, but I haven’t found any nut free ones that I like, so I bring Fiber One bars, and BelVita bites/bars. I like the Fiber One brownies and bars, because there’s lots of flavors and I don’t tire of one consistency of these as much as the other ones.

I also always travel with my:

  • Surface Pro
  • Cannon EOS M3
  • Phone (obviously)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  • Headphones (never ear buds)
  • annnddd of course all the appropriate charges and cords.

What are your travel necessities? I want to know. I’m always looking for better ways to travel.

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