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Kevyn Aucoin Foundations

Kevyn Aucoin is my makeup hero. His work was FABULOUS and he was (and still has) such a HUGE influence in the makeup industry. I know I’ve mentioned it in my Coffee Table Books Wishlist post, but if you love makeup and do not own any of his books – you need to. I currently own Making Faces and Face Forward, and am definitely going to get The Art of Makeup soon.


Anyway, continuing to the actual point of this post – While I was at TMSLA, I picked up the two Kevyn Aucoin foundations because I’ve heard a TON of great things about them and I was dying to try them. I put it off because it really is quite expensive and (because it is expensive) I wanted to speak with an actual Kevyn Aucoin rep to understand the products and how to best use them.

So the first one (on the right) is the Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation. This one is VERY light coverage (but can be buildable). I really like it because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing ANY foundation. It’s super lightweight and has a great natural coverage.

The second is the Sensual Skin Enhancer. This (to be honest), I don’t think it’s meant to be used alone as a foundation. I think it’s meant to mix with other foundations to increase the coverage. I could be wrong, but when I used this, I used the SMALLEST amount and it was completely FULL coverage. Sephora says it can also be used as a concealer so it’s supposed to be super full coverage. While it doesn’t feel heavy on, it definitely gives you cake face. There’s nothing wrong with cake face (if that’s what you’re trying to do), but for me personally I prefer a more natural coverage foundation, but if you’re looking for a one and done, this is definitely it. I did not have to conceal at ALL with this. Only problem is, I noticed that if I have a dry patch it will pick up on that patch.

However, my favorite was to use this is to mix these two together. It’s like magic. It’s super hydrating, great medium coverage, dewy finish, and it’s waterproof. Is it my ultimate favorite foundation formula? No, but it’s a close second (stay tuned for my favorite).

Do I think it’s worth the money? Yes. Foundation is one thing where I have ZERO issues splurging. I feel like if it’s good – spend the money because in the long run your face will thank you. Also, the Sensual Skin Enhancer you get such bang for your buck, because you only need the SMALLEST amount. I’ve used this probably 6 times now and you can see how little of a dent I made in the product. I don’t think I would buy both again, though. At this point, I’m leaning towards buying the Enhancer vs the Foundation again (mostly because the Enhancer mixes so well with so many foundations), but I’ll have to wait it out and see. Who knows, I might end up getting both again.

They can both be found at Sephora. The foundation is $65, and the Enhancer is $48.

I haven’t had a chance to take a good picture of me wearing it, but once I do, I’ll def post.

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