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New Quay x Desi Sunglasses

Since I’m home sick, today I thought I should be productive and get some posts up and I got some new goodies to share.

First up is the new Quay x Desi collection. We all know I have a VERY serious addiction to Quay sunglasses, and Desi Perkins is one of my favorite YouTubers to watch. Like honestly, she and Katy are squad goals. LOVE them. So of course when I heard they were coming out with a collab I needed them all… Well, I TRIED to talk myself into only buying the ones I really wanted, then when they said they were limited edition, I was like NOPE grab them all so that I don’t have regrets later.


From top to bottom: High Key in Black, High Key in Rose Gold, TYSM, and On the Low


I took a second picture so that you can see the gold detail on the side of On the Low (and a less blurry picture of On the Low.

I’m not going to lie TYSM is totally my fave. Vespers are my fave shape, but what’s even better about these is that because the bottom half is a wire frame, they have the nose piece. Basically, this means that if you’re like me (and MANY Asian people) and have no nose bridge they will still stay on your face fine. I happen to luck out and have high enough cheekbones and big enough apples of the cheek to have most sunglasses still stay on my face with little problems, but it’s still nice to have that nose piece.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about On the Low, but after trying it on, I LOVE it. It’s HUGE and is great for when I want to go out with minimal makeup because it covers my eyes, most of my brows all the way down to the apples of my cheeks. Throw on a nice lip and no one would realize you’ve half-assed your day.

High Key – I always love a good aviator and to be honest I did not really love the MUSE sunglasses as much as I thought I would. I think they’re just a tad bit too big on my face, and High Key is about the same  size. I’m not sure why (it might be the flat lenses), but High Key looks infinitely better on my face than MUSE does, and I LOVE the rose gold colored one. I think of all the Quay aviator styles, Macaw is still my favorite shape but these are a definitely close second.

I wanted to put pictures up of me wearing all the styles, but my eyes have been SOOO irritated that I can’t get my contacts on and therefore I can’t tell if the pictures actually look good my phone / camera, but if you go follow my IG I’ll probably have some pictures up soon.

Because they are limited edition, Quay is doing one last final drop of these sometime next week. Go follow their IG account (@quayaustralia) and Desi’s (@desiperkins) to know  when they’ll be back.

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