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New Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick – Swatches and Review


Dose of Colors just launched 4 new shades for their liquid lipsticks and naturally I needed them…………. all. Once again this post is not sponsored by Dose of Colors and I paid for all these products myself.

2016-30-1--08-11-41Indoor natural lighting

2016-30-1--08-13-18Outdoor direct sunlight

2016-30-1--08-21-49Outdoor in the shade

Swatches from left to right:

  • Desert Suede
  • Cork
  • Chocolate Wasted
  • Mood

I’m not gonna lie, the first time couple times I tried DoC I didn’t love the formula and I was a little thrown off by the colors shown on the website vs what showed up. I had bought Merlot and Purple Rain. Purple Rain just wasn’t the shade of purple I was expecting (I ended up liking it anyway), and I couldn’t get Merlot to stop bleeding on my lips. However, after awhile (not sure if the formula just got thicker as I used it or if I just got used to it) I started to really love the formula. Unlike a lot of the liquid lipsticks, this formula is super lightweight and non drying. The formula isn’t creamy, but it’s very silky and different from any other liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. I bought a few more and I haven’t had any issues with the any of the other colors bleeding. I’ve also realized that the colors shown on the DoC website are extremely blown out by bright lights (and different skin tone). I highly recommend looking at swatches from other sources if you’re really picky about color. I try my best to give you the colors in different lighting to give you the best feeling for the color, but once again the color will vary depending on your skin tone.

Dose of Colors can be found on their website or at Naimie’s.

3 thoughts on “New Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick – Swatches and Review

    1. I’ll keep my ears out for any European retailers that may distribute in Italy and let you know if I find one! 🙂

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