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UD Afterglow & Revolution High-Color Lipgloss Swatches and Review

So some of you may have seen that Urban Decay launched 8 new Revolution High-Color Lipgloss colors, and 4 new Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush colors that are exclusive to Urban Decay. Of course the day after they announced the new colors, I drove my butt down to the Urban Decay Flagship store (in Newport Beach) to pick up some new products. No, this post is NOT sponsored by Urban Decay (or anyone other than myself), and yes, I paid for these products myself. With that being said, I only picked up the colors I REALLY wanted. These were the ones I picked up:



If you read my last post, you already know I LOVE these blushes. They are creamy pigmented, and easy to blend. The ONLY thing I wish is that they came with a mirror, but it’s really not a big deal. the two I picked up are TMI and Satisfy.


Here they are swatch. (Keep in mind that my skin tone is very yellow, and I do have a slight tan)

  • TMI (on the left) is described on the UD website as “Berry”, but in my opinion its more of a warm mauve-y/dusty pink color. It is SUCH a pretty color and it will be flattering in ANY skin tone.
  • Satisfy (the right) is described as “Bright peach” and I think it is spot on. When I saw this color in their IG account I knew I needed it. Peach and coral toned blushes are my favorite, but the Afterglow line was missing a good one, until now. This color is really pretty on most skin tones.


From left to right:

  • Vanity (according to the UD site) is a “Black with iridescent shimmer”. Once swatched it looks like a blacked purple with a VERY pretty, but subtle shimmer.
  • Shadowheart is a “Brown with gold shimmer”. This is very on spot. The brown is a VERY warm brown, but it is soo pretty.
  • Midnight Cowgirl is a “Soft nude with gold shimmer”. THIS is my favorite. It is the prettiest nude gloss I have ever seen. It is absolutely stunning.
  • Snitch is a “Bright coral”. I have been looking for a good bright coral gloss without shimmer, and I have FINALLY found it. I am so in love with this color. This is a perfect Spring/Summer color (which is kinda of all the time in So Cal).
  • Frenemy is a “Hot pink with iridescent blue shift”. The description is on point as is the color. It’s very girly, but the blue shift gives it such a fun edge. I absolutely LOVE it.

For those of you who have never tried these glosses before, they are awesome. They are super pigmented, with just the right amount of tackiness for longevity without the it feeling like you’re lips are glued together. If you tend to like really slick glosses, this might not be the formula for you, but I definitely recommend giving them a try if you want a super pigmented gloss.

These glosses run $22 each, and the blushes are $26 each. They can both be found on the Urban Decay Website or at the flagship store in Newport Beach.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

4 thoughts on “UD Afterglow & Revolution High-Color Lipgloss Swatches and Review

    1. Thank you! I absolutely plan on ding s few looks with these products. 🙂 I’m just waiting for my face to clear up a bit from my allergies. 😦

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