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Kat Von D Studded Beloved Lip Trio + Lolita & Lovecraft


Story behind these purchases:
I was in Paso Robles at Tooth and Nail Winery and one of the girls pouring tastings was so pretty and her makeup was flawless that I [naturally] had to ask her about her makeup. Her lip color was what I was really curious about, and she said it was Lovecraft by Kat Von D. For whatever reason, I assumed it was Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick, so when I went to Sephora to look for it all I saw was Lovesick (thinking I had misheard the name). After swatching it at Sephora, I didn’t really love the color (and I didn’t love the consistency of the last liquid lipstick I bought from her), so I didn’t purchase it. After 2 month when I was in Sephora again looking for lipgloss, I happened to notice that Kat Von D had some lipsticks with cute packaging and I saw Lovecraft. I FLIPPED out got super excited when I swatched it ANNND of course it was sold out. I went to every Sephora remotely close to me and nada. I even spoke to to all the sales associates and they all said that they hadn’t received it in months. At that point I gave in and bought it on the Kat Von D website and paid the shipping. Then I saw that Sephora launched the Studded Beloved Lip Trio, so I bought it and Lolita. 3 full sized lipsticks for $45 was way too good to pass up.

KatVonD Trio Indoor

KatVonD Trio Outdoor Shade

KatVonD Trio Outdoor SunTop – Indoor, Middle – Outdoor in the shade, Bottom – Outdoor in direct sunlight

Left to right:

  • Hellbent – matte crimson red (part of trio)
  • Sexer – iridescent fluorescent pink (part of trio)
  • Lolita matte dusty rose
  • Cathedral – matte coco rose (part of trio)
  • Lovecraft matte mauve pink nude

All the trio colors are available separate as well.

Here are the links for purchase: Studded Beloved Lip Trio ($45), Lolita ($21), and Lovecraft ($21).

I did wear Lovecraft the other day, and I LOVED it. It’s very pretty on (I was worried it would be a little ashy). It’s very silky for a matte lipstick, and it’s not very drying. I wore it from about 12pm to 8pm. I ate and drank and it held up pretty well. I only started wishing I had balm around 6/7pm ish.

Wearing Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lovecraft. Sunglasses are Quay Australia – Muse

If you have any questions, let me know!

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