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New Brush Holders and Vanity Decor


These new glass jars I got for brush holders are giving me LIFE! I’m a little OCD about keeping my “dirty” brushes separate from the clean ones, so these hold the brushes that I’ve used before brush cleaning day. I found these jars at Home Goods for about $4 each. I was SOOO excited because I’ve been wanting to get the acrylic ones, but they always seemed really pricey for well…. plastic. Glass is just so much easier to clean and much more durable. I tried looking for these (and similar ones) online, but I’ve had no luck . I’ll definitely update you if I do come across them. For now, if you live near a Home Goods, I definitely recommend picking some up!

If you aren’t too picky about the shape and designs, Etsy has a bunch of really cute glass brush holders too! Here’s a few of my favorite designs from Etsy:

Although I prefer square holder (for space saving convenience) these Silver Metallic Mercury Glass Vanity Cups are SUPER cute.
These Square Face & Eyes Brush Holders are adorable! They’re a little short for some of my bigger brushes, but could be remedied with beads (like shown in the picture).
Call me a sucker for loving monogrammed items, but this 14.5oz Monogram Brush Holder is GORGEOUS.

Most of these could be easily DIY’ed, but all of these products are well priced. Most people end up spending more money on supplies than it would have been to just buy the product (esp working with glass).

Let me know if you guys have found any cute vanity items! I love seeing everyone’s vanity set up. 🙂

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