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Liquid Lipstick Brand Swatches and Comparisons


So I’ve made a lot of recent liquid lipstick purchases and realized they were all similarly toned, so I thought I’d put together a swatch comparison for you all!


From left to right:

  • Dose of Colors – Chocolate Wasted
  • Black Moon Cosmetics – Grim
  • Makeup Monsters – Just Add Marshmallows
  • Dose of Colors – Cork


  • Makeup Monsters – Cornucopia
  • Black Moon Cosmetics – Harvest
  • Ofra  – Miami Fever


  • Black Moon Cosmetics – Selene (I’m telling you my camera HATES taking a good picture of this color)
  • Dose of Colors – Mood
  • Black Moon Cosmetics – Wrath


  • Makeup Monsters – Wolfsbane
  • Dose of Colors – Desert Suede

All three companies have liquid lipsticks that are both cruelty free and vegan. BlackMoon Cosmetics and Dose of Colors both sell their liquid lipsticks for $18 each, and Makeup Monsters sells theirs for $15.95. I really love all three formulas, and I guess it really just depends on my day and what I want that determines which one I reach for. If you want to see my reviews for each brand you can find them here:

The liquid lipsticks are available here:

3 thoughts on “Liquid Lipstick Brand Swatches and Comparisons

    1. I agree! While I’m not actually vegan or vegetarian, I think it’s great to have the option and I prefer to use them over non cruelty free products.

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