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New Bdellium BDHD & Maestro Brushes

So I bought these brushes awhile ago, but I wanted to get good use out of them before I wrote a review. Let me start by saying that I LOVE Bdellium Tools brushes and I have for years. I was buying their brushes before I realized they had a pro discount for makeup artist. They are SUPER affordable (without the pro discount) while still being professional quality, and they are super soft (note – I have only tried the Bambu and Maestro Line).


I’m not going to lie when I say that I was not exactly thrilled when I saw the new BDHD brushes on the website. I wasn’t disappointed / hesitant or anything, I just didn’t know if they would actually be practical or useful. I decided to buy them anyway because it was an interesting concept and I would figure out a way to use them anyway. Well I pretty much ALWAYS use them now. Especially the Phase 2 and Phase 3 brushes. Phase 2 is GREAT for highlighting with a luminous product (vs a straight highlighter), setting your under eye area, or baking (both under eyes and under cheeks). Phase 3 is my favorite way to apply all over color to the eye lid. It’s also great for putting primer / base on the eye lid and blending it out, or setting the primer. Phase 1 I don’t reach for as much. It’s great for applying liquid foundations (with the flat side) and blending it out (with the tapered side), but because I like to stipple my foundation on (for extra coverage) it’s not ideal for that. I have discovered I like using it with setting powders, or to contour my face with bronzer.

While I was buying these, I also was thinking that I wanted to try out the Maestro line. It is a little bit pricier because they are a more luxurious, but I wanted to see if it was worth the extra moolah to buy them. I do really like these brushes. They are more soft than the Bambu line, and because they don’t have white bristles, it doesn’t look dirty quite as fast (which makes me feel better). I decided to get the 985 Duo Fiber Powder, 945 Contour, and 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki. I am LOVING the 985 Duo Fiber Powder for bronzing. It lays a very light layer of bronzer on, so that it looks more like a natural tanned glow rather than if I was trying to contour with bronzer. I used this on the body with bronzer too. I’m not going to lie, I bought the 945 Contour brush to compare it to the Morphe E8 Detail Contour brush. I use the E8 to blend out concealer under the eyes all the time (and I think I still prefer it for that purpose), but the Bdellium 945 I like for setting the eye area. It’s better for setting than the E8 because it’s not as stiff or dense so it won’t cake up on you. I haven’t actually used the 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki brush yet. I typically use Kabuki’s to apply my foundation (it’s my favorite way), but the surface area of this brush is a little too small for me to apply foundation all over my face. It would take too long. I think it would be great for highlighting and contouring using cream products.

Please note that the Bambu line is their all vegan line. While the Maestro Line is not vegan, it is still cruelty free. Most of their brushes shapes are available in more than one line, so you don’t need to buy it specifically from that line.

These brushes are available on their website here.

*Please note that while I am an affiliate with Bdellium Tools, this post was not paid for or sponsored by them. I paid for all these products myself and this post is 100% my opinion.

Let me know if you want me to go in depth about other brushes by Bdellium, or other brushes I like using in general.

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