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Temecula / Escondido Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1 was basically us getting settled and dinner. This was my first time staying in this particular set of buildings at the Welk Resorts. In the past I’ve always stayed at the Villas on the Green or the Mountain View Villas. This time we booked the Harmony Hill Villas because they’re larger than the other two, and with 6 grown adults in a 2 bd suite, we thought it might be nice to have the extra space. We were not disappointed. These rooms are AMAZING:

Seriously though! Look that that kitchen! It’s twice the size of mine, and so is bathroom. I would live here forever if I could.

That night since everyone had a pretty long drive, we decided to stay at the resort and kabob using the grills outside.

Everything was so good. We even had enough leftovers to add meat and veggies to the eggs in the morning. Another thing I wish I had at home – a grill.

Day 2 – Wine Tasting and Olive Oil Tasting (yes that is a thing)

We went to 3 wineries (it was all we had time for), the Temecula Olive Oil Company, and to pick up our anniversary cake. Let me start off by saying that Temecula, is primarily a white wine country. They do have a few wineries that have wonderful reds, but because the white are SOOO good, I can’t help myself. I do typically prefer reds to whites.

The first winery we went to was Briar Rose Winery. I was STOKED to go there, because I’ve never been, and it’s super adorable. The winery is modeled after Snow White’s Cottage. It is a very small winery, so you’ll need to make a reservation to do tastings.

I mean seriously! How cute is this place? Their wines are pretty good too! There was a few that I wasn’t thrilled with, BUT their Tempranillo and Estate Viognier were AMAZING. Just to let you know, I’m weird. I do not like jammy wines. I only like either very deep, earthy, and peppery red wines, or I like really smooth, sweet white wines. It’s such a jarring difference that most people don’t know what to do about it.

Second winery we went to was South Coast Winery for lunch and tasting. I love this place. No jokes. It’s beautiful, and they have and AMAZING array of wines.

I definitely left with my staples – their Merlot Rose, California Girl, and Ruby Cuvee. I also discovered a new wine that I LOVE and it’s their California Girl Radical Rose. This isn’t on their tasting menu and it only available to their wine club members, BUT we discovered while having lunch at their restaurant, and it IS available to drink (by the bottle) and our server was nice enough to let us buy a few extra bottles to take home. *The image on the left was pulled from Google.

3rd winery was the Wilson Creek Winery. I forgot to take some good pictures at Wilson but here are some pretty ones from Google:

Of course I walked off with several bottles of their White Cabernet and Peach Bellini. Their Peach Bellini tastes like a peach ring with alcohol.

Only 3 of us girls bought wine and this is what we ended up with:


Then we went back to the hotel, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to the hot tub. After that we went back the hotel room, watched movies, played games and this was our dinner:


and of course our anniversary cake:


Lemon Pound cake with strawberries, Bavarian cream, whipped cream and a buttercream frosting. DELICIOUS.

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