Late Post – Manicure Monday / One Year Anniversary

So this was suppose to auto post yesterday, BUT I failed apparently. So here’s a late Manicure Monday post!

Today (now yesterday) is my actual 1 yr wedding anniversary. We were married on Pi Day (3/14/15 = 3.1415). So naturally I found it appropriate to have my wedding nails and my honeymoon nails for this edition of Manicure Mondays:

862I chose a baby pink and gold glitter with a chevron accent for my wedding nails, because I wanted it to be subtle, but fun.

20150825_094817Honeymoon nails weren’t that much different. LOL I clearly had a theme here. Pale pink / peach glitter and chevron.

I had these both professionally done, because I needed acrylics for my wedding (I had broken 3 nails right before making decorations / favors), and my nails were still too weak to during my honeymoon (5 months later) so I had them use gel polish (plus we went to Cancun, so I didn’t want to deal with chipping nails).

What wedding style do you have?

4 thoughts on “Late Post – Manicure Monday / One Year Anniversary

  1. Gorgeous nails! Looking at having mine done for my holiday in June so nice to have a look at yours for ideas! ☺️
    Great blog! ❤️Rhi xx

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