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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks


I love Bite Beauty lipsticks, but I hadn’t actually purchased one because I kept getting samples from Sephora and was just using those. I finally decided to actually purchase some of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks online. I originally grabbed Souffle online when Ebates had a Sephora special, but when it came in, I immediately knew that it was WAAYY too pale and cool toned of a pink for me, so I brought it to Sephora to exchange it and pick up some others.

I ended getting Persimmon, Sugarcane, and Pepper.


From left to right:

  • Persimmon – A SUPER bright orange red. I am in LOVE with this color. It’s so classic and absolutely gorgeous.
  • Pepper – This shade is interesting. When I swatched it at Sephora, it was SUPER brown. When I swatched it at the house, inside it’s a pink-y mauve tone, but outside it’s a pinkish brown. I still love the color regardless.
  • Sugarcane – light mauve-y pink. This color reminds me of Lovecraft by Kat Von D (see post & swatches here), but Lovecraft is matte this one isn’t. This color was really similar to Souffle (the one I originally ordered), but it’s a little more warm toned which is why I can pull it off better.

The texture of these are amazing. They are super thick and creamy, but not sticky. You definitely need to reapply after eating / drinking, but it hold well during the day otherwise, and is super hydrating. These lipsticks are $26 each at Sephora. A little pricey to me, but I think totally worth the splurge. I would definitely but these again.Bite Beauty is a cruelty – free brand, but I do not think they are vegan (correct me if I’m wrong).

Have any of you tried these lipsticks yet? What colors are your favorite?

*I wanted to get a picture of me wearing these, but my face is not in the most ideal condition to photograph. Not only did I forget to order some new contacts (I can’t really do makeup without them, because I’m almost blind), but my face is soo dry it won’t stop peeling. I have been hydrating (internally and externally) and exfoliating, so hopefully it balances out again.


3 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

    1. Mee too! I swatched it at the store and was like yep.. you are coming home with me. It’s may be my new fave orange red.

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