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Temecula Day 3 & 4

The last two days of our trip was really low key. We went plant shopping at Moon Valley Nursery:


We ended up with these:

IMG_1355The smaller grouping is mine. I have a pretty small place and the plants are already taking over.

After the nursery, we went back to the hotel to help my friends all pack up and get ready to go :(. Once that was done, we went to lunch in Old Town Temecula at a restaurant called The Bank (we had our rehearsal dinner there exactly one year to date before that). It’s a cute little Mexican restaurant that was formerly an actual bank. In fact you can even eat inside the original vault. The food there is pretty good, but the sadly this last time we went the service was lacking. Not sure if they were short hand or what, but my experiences there had definitely been better in the past.

While still in Old Town, we went to Olivedipity to pick up some balsamic vinegar (they have the BEST balsamic vinegar), and of course I HAD to run into the candy shop and pick up some gummy candies.

After everyone left us, hubby and I went back to the hotel to hangout and watch movies. It was a nice quiet evening. No joke our dinner was random leftovers from the week (trying to finish everything before going back).

The next morning we woke up and reluctantly packed up to go home. On the way back home, we stopped by Ontario Mills for some outlet shopping and visited my aunt’s new house. SO FUCKING ADORABLE. I wish I had taken more pictures, but my camera died.

IMG_1356This is just the front patio area (sorry the gardener photobombed – no joke i pulled out my camera and he decided to walk into the picture). Isn’t it super quaint? This house was built in the 1800’s and has had some updating, but kept a lot of the original features. aside from this front patio, the original barn was converted into a garage and the loft space above was closed up to create a loft recreational type room. It has a potato cellar that has been converted into a wine cellar, a pool, indoor jacuzzi, a secondary loft space in the original house, 2 separate garden areas filled with fruit trees (already there when they bought the house), and lots of old fashion tools now mounted to the walls and fences for decor. Ugh I fell in LOVE with the house. I wish I had more time to actually stay the night or weekend there, but we needed to head home to watch our cousin while her parents are out of town. I will be going back to plant some succulents into her front patio wall (there are empty planters over there).

How was everyone else’s weekend? Hope it was as fun as ours! 🙂

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