The Makeup Show LA


So, I haven’t been showing you a ton of new products because I’ve been trying to be good and save my money because I am headed to The Makeup Show in LA. I am SOOO excited to be going to The Makeup Show. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been and I can’t want to go back!

For those of you who don’t know, TMS is a trade show very similar to IMATS. The only real difference is that while IMATS is open to everyone, TMS is only open to beauty and fashion industry professionals, and their students. Meaning you either need to prove you are in the industry – license, student ID, call sheet, business card, anything to prove you are working in the industry. I have pretty much always preferred TMS to IMATS, only because IMATS can get VERY overwhelming. It has a far larger crowd and it’s really hard to connect with the companies and actually network and learn about products, new techniques, etc…  TMS is great for networking with other industry professionals, and learning from some of the top makeup artists / industry professionals.

So basically, I wrote this post to tell you that I’m going to doing some serious makeup shopping and will have some awesome haul / review posts coming up. Be excited.

If you want to learn more about The Makeup Show visit their website.

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