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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow & Skin Twinkle Palette


I was sooo excited for this palette because I LOVE Tarte products. Like honestly one of my FIRST ever makeup palettes is from Tarte and it is the coolest thing ever.

From the eyeshadow palette:


I love neutral palettes. They’re versatile and really flattering. The only thing is I do wish that they had a few more matte shades and not as many shimmer shades. The older I’ve gotten the less I feel that all shimmer eye shadows are appropriate (on me). The only two matte shades are the two at the ends (the left one only has shimmer because I didn’t get all of the glitter off my finger when I swatched). Otherwise a very pretty palette. The first couple of times I used it, I was surprised that it wasn’t as pigmented on my lids as I was expecting. Then one time, I had to clean my brush a little and it was still damp, the colors show SOOO well with a damp brush. So if you’re a little on the tanner side and the colors aren’t as vibrant on you, I would definitely recommend going in with a damp brush. It made a HUGE difference.

The Skin Twinkle Palette:


This one fell a little flat for me. The left shade (Sunlight) is pretty, but it doesn’t actually show up on my cheekbones that well. I had to use a liquid highlighter underneath. The middle shade (Filtered Light) is supposed to be a matte yellow, but it does have a very faint sheen to it. I know this isn’t most people’s favorite, BUT if you are trying to keep a very natural look, I do really like to use it just go brighten and get a little bit of a glow. The last shade (Moonlight) is SOO pretty, but it’s a little too dark and rosy for me at this time. Maybe when my tan has really kicked in, but at this time, it’s just not quite a useful shade for me.

These palettes are available at Sephora and on the Tarte website. Both sites, the eyeshadow palette is $34 and the highlighter palette is $42. Currently, Ebates has 5% back at Tarte and 4% at Sephora. (If you don’t have an Ebates account you really should sign up for one. It’s amazing how much money you can save.) Both Tarte and Sephora have a rewards program, but Tarte’s reward program if you hit 500 points you get  $50 credit to spend on the Tarte website. Basically, if you like Tarte a lot, I recommend buying it from their website. Otherwise, buy it from Sephora so that you can get that Rouge status!

To learn more about the Tarte rewards program click here and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Under programs, select Loyalty Programs and it’ll tell you all about it!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! (Don’t worry those TMSLA posts are coming soon!)

*Edit: Right now Tarte has a promotion $5 off and a free lipstick with a purchase of $50 or more. Code: INBLOOM.

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