Monthly Regrettable Purchases

There wasn’t a lot I regretted buying this month, but these two were definite disappointments.

First was The Collection Wine Cellar candle from Target. I didn’t actually buy it this month, but I didn’t use it until recently. I don’t know what happened because I LOVED this scent in the store, but when I tried burning it I wanted to die. It smelled like cough syrup, then (of course) when it wasn’t burning, all I could smell was cough syrup. Blegh. So disappointed.

2nd this Vera Mona Color Switch. I really wish I had done more research on this before I decided to get this at TMSLA. It literally is a black stipple sponge in a tin. I have TONS of these sponges still from when I was doing SFX makeup. It retails for $18 at Sephora, but these sponges sell for like $5 max at Naimies & Nigel Beauty. Not only that, but it works about as well as rubbing your brushes onto a paper towel. It gets the excess pigment off so you can use a different color, but it doesn’t actually really get the brush clean. Oh well. You live and you learn.

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