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Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation & Lipstick


Sorry, my camera had issues picking which object to focus on. :/

I LOVE this liquid mineral foundation. It goes on SOOO well and has a nice medium finish that is buildable. It’s creamy and hydrating and has a really nice natural finish. I think this is definitely going to be one of my new favorite foundations. You can see below how it sits on the face (this is with one light coat). The only thing I would be careful about is this foundation does oxidize a little on the skin. I recommend getting a shade lighter in the store.


This lip color I’m wearing above is their lipstick in Tangelo. The formula is pretty nice, but I have this issue with it that if I rub my lips together I get a line of where the products builds up. It’s not the biggest of issues, BUT it is a little inconvenient. For me I think at the end of the day, I would pass on the lipsticks unless there was a color I REALLY loved. like I’m really loving Tangelo. I think it’s such a pretty color. It’s orange but not a SUPER obnoxious orange because it has a smidge of red in it.


Left is Tangelo as you can see it’s much more red-orange on my arm and more orange on my lips.

Right is Smolder. It’s a reddish brown which I kind of LOVE. It’s really pretty on. For me, it’s only a smidge darker than my natural lip color, so it’s a really flattering on me.

The lipsticks are $19 and the foundation is $49. I definitely would buy the foundation again I really love it. I

I definitely would buy the foundation again I really love it. I think I would pass on the lipsticks, though. As much as I love these colors I just feel like the formula itself is nothing special.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is available on their company site and at Nigel Beauty Emporium.

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