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Quay Australia


I have a serious obsession with Quay sunglasses. It’s a real problem. Not only are the super fun & trendy, but they’re relatively inexpensive. I mean they’re no $5 sunglasses, but they’re not as expensive as designer sunglasses. It’s basically a nice compromise. Here’s some of my collection:


I JUST got these in and I’m pretty excited! From top to bottom:

  • Flagship in Black
  • Macaw in Black (I also own the gold ones and I LOVE them)
  • Cherry Bomb in Gold Brown

Vesper & Kitti

These to were my staples when my collection was smaller, and are still two of my favorites.

  • Vesper in Black. I also own the white and the clear but this one is my favorite
  • Kitti in Coffee

China Dolls, Kosha, Heart Beat

  • Kosha in Blue
  • China Doll in Black
  • Heartbeat Magic in Blue (I think these have been discontinued, but Bronx is very similar)


These are the Muse in the Gold/Red. I also bought the Silver/Blue, but to be honest I didn’t like this shape as much as I thought I would. I don’t hate it, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

My Girls

Aaaannndd of course, I own the My Girl in every color. My favorite one is still the Brown Tort. I feel like they go with EVERYTHING.

Quay is available on their website, at ModCloth, at Sugar Cloth, Kaitlyns, and White Fox Boutique. Honestly their available at so many places now I couldn’t list them all, but these are the places I like buying them from best.


7 thoughts on “Quay Australia

      1. I will ! I’ll let you know ! I’m getting the my girl ones with the blue lenses as thought they look good with blonde hair ! I normally go for cat eye but thought I’d try something new ! X

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