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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you didn’t get a chance to grab a Tarte kit for your mom, don’t fret, here’s some great ideas:


My mom isn’t big on makeup, but I thought it would be fun to buy her some nice skin care products. I know she LOVES Laura Mercier stuff, so decided to get her the face wash and the Tone Perfecting Creme. My mom has those Asian genetics on her side, so she doesn’t have a ton fo wrinkles or anything, but she does have a lot of sun spots from taking walks and traveling, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her. The cleanser is $35 and the moisturizer is $98. The cleanser is available at Sephora and Nordstroms, but the moisturizer is not available at Sephora. If your mom loves make up too, Laura Mercier has a WONDFERFUL line of makeup that’s great for maturing skin. I highly reccomend it.

Other great mother’s day gifts:

  • Spa day or massage.
  • My mom always enjoyed getting wine glasses (until he had a cabinet filled). I really like these and this.
  • Making a photo collage is always a great gift, I LOVE this frame and this one is great too.
  • I often find GREAT bags for my mom at the Kate Spade outlet
  • My mom also just enjoys us cooking a nice dinner for her or even just a good bottle of wine.

I have a lot of great posts for you (I may or may not have gone crazy at Naimie’s and Nigel’s last weekend), but I’ve just been preoccupied. First my maternal grandmother’s health wasn’t great (she’s better now), then it was my mom’s birthday, and then my paternal grandmother fell getting on the bus and broke her femur. She ende up needing two surgeries and was in ICU for a few days, but is better now and is going to be transferred to a rehabilitaion center for elderly people, so she can have round the clock care and get the physical therapy she needs to be able to walk again. As soon as things in the family front calm down a bit, I’ll get those posts up for you!

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