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April Favorites

I completely missed the memo that today is already May. It caught me WAY off guard.

Here’s the Monthly Favorites:


  1. Foreo Mini 2- I have used SOOO many different types of brush cleaners, and they ALL irritated my skin. My Clarisonic actually gave me mini abrasions which was causing all my rashes a few months ago. Since switching to the Foreo, I have had NO issues. I do still break out a bit and get some texture, but mostly when I’m PMSing (so it’s hormonal). The Mini 2 is available at Sephora for $139.
  2. Tarte Drink of H2O – I know my previous review wasn’t exactly stellar, but once I got over the sticky texture of the gel, I really love it. It sits so well under my foundation, and I don’t start feeling dry during the day the way I use to. You can find it here for $39.
  3. Sugar Bear Hair Gummies – I know these were mentioned in my hair care journey post, but I really love these. They taste amazing and I feel like hair has been growing must faster than it normally does. These are available on their website for $29.99.
  4. Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin – HELLO! This highlighter is so pigmented and so flattering it is easily my favorite highlighter I have EVER used. These are $26 on their website.
  5. Lorac Pro Contour Palette – I have been using this palette for contouring all month. I forgot how much I love this palette. I used the darkest shade to contour my jawline, the medium shade for my cheeks and the lightest for my nose. This palette is available at Ulta for $45.
  6. Gerard Star Powder in Sophia – This shade has really grown on me. It’s super pretty for a warm champagne highlight. It’s so flattering. This is available here for $15.
  7. THIS has been my holy grail of foundation combinations. It’s perfect for my skin. It’s a perfect medium coverage, but it still looks like skin and has a great luminosity and doesn’t dry me out. I use the Youngblood Mineral foundation in Carribean ($49 here) and Giorgio Armani in 5.75 ($69 here). It’s like the most expensive foundation routine ever, but I LOVE it.
  8. Makeup Forever Step 1 in Hydrate – I never used to really love face primers. They were okay, but I never really saw LONG lasting results with them. These have proved to make my foundation stick ALL day in heat, rain, and constant face touching. I used to love the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, but it was more for hydration than anything (I still like it a lot esp if my face is feeling extra dry). This keeps me hydrated, makes my foundation go on super smooth, and keeps in on my face all day. It’s $37 at Sephora.
  9. Bdellium Maestro 957 Precision Kabuki – I didn’t think I would like this that much (and it took some getting use to), because it’s not as dense and stiff as my other kabukis, but I really love this. It’s SOO soft, and it really blends my makeup really well. I can get a really gorgeous airbrush finish with this brush. It’s $21 and is available here.

4 thoughts on “April Favorites

    1. I love them. Mostly cuz they’re yummy, but my hairstylist says my hair feels amazing and if you saw my hair journey, I beat the heck out of my hair.

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