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Rodial Hyaluronic Skincare Line


  • Rodial Dragon’s Blood XXL Advanced Sculpting Serum – $155.00
  • Rodial ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Eye Gel – $56.00
  • Rodial ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Hyaluronic Night Cream – $72.00

I bought this a couple weeks ago at Naimies, but didn’t include it in my monthly favorites because I had only been using it for a week. Let me be clear that after a week I could already tell you I loved it, I just wanted to give it some time before writing a review. The whole reason I bought this was I have been noticing that deep wrinkles in my forehead and they were driving me CRAZY. Yes, I’m nearing my 30’s so getting lines is pretty normal, but I was really hoping my Asian genetics would work a little better. Anyway, after a week of using this day and night (except I only use the night cream at night), my skins FEELS amazing and my lines are almost gone. It works miracles. My makeup sits much better on my skin now that I’ve been using this. I would definitely recommend it if you are okay with spending quite a bit on skincare. I personally think it’s worth it because it saves me from botox and collagen later! I did buy this with a pro discount, but I definitely would buy this full price now that I know how great it is. I do recommend getting samples of these first just to see if you like it. I know Nordstroms carries Rodial products, and more often than not they’ll set up samples for you.

I’ve been hoping to get more posts up this week, but I’ve been going to the gym every day before work and I’ve just been WIPED OUT when I get home. This Friday, I’m going to be doing the Neverland 5K and then Saturday going down to Fashion Island for the UD Through the Looking Glass event that they’re having at the flagship store. HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to get a post up on Sat on the stuff I get! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rodial Hyaluronic Skincare Line

  1. This sounds amazing! I might have to try it☺. I have also nominated you for the beauty blogger tag. Your blog is absolutely amazing! If you accept you can find the information on my blog.😊

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