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June Monthly Favorites

Wow I can’t believe June is already coming to end. I really can’t wait because it’s my companies fiscal year end and it has been one HELL of a month. Now, my body doesn’t handle stress well, and I’m already a naturally anxious person. I usually get migraines, panic attacks, hives, and (if I’m not careful) I will get pancreatitis (because of all the medications I take to keep myself going). Luckily, I’ve only had a few migraines (mostly because of allergies and this hot and cold weather) and I’ve had maybe 2 panic attacks (which is surprisingly good). So this monthly favorites is going to be a little different, I’ll have my makeup/beauty faves & at the end what I’ve been using to keep my body [semi] healthy.

June Faves

  1. Redken Extreme Line – My stylist recommended this to me the last time I saw her because she knows I’ve been trying to watch my spending and the Pureology line is pretty pricey. I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner, and Cat 40 and OMG I am in love. I think I actually like this better then the Pureology ones and it’s half the price. My hair feels amazing AND I just recently bleached it again (I’m trying to go back to blonde by next summer, so we’re taking the red out and toning it to a brown until it can get light enough).
  2. Celking Peptide Makeup Remover Wipes – I never like spending money on wipes because I generally think it’s a waste, but these are worth every penny. I feel like the texture of my face has improved since using it. Note, I ran out last week and I went back to using my reg wipes and I started breaking out again.
  3. LAVO Giro Spin Head Brush – Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my Foreo, but I sometimes I feel like it’s just not cleaning as deeply as I would like. This brush cleans my face so well, but if I use it more than once a day, my face will get micro abrasions. So I have to be really careful to not wash it for too long and if I notice irritation, I’ll stop using it for a few days and go back to only using the Foreo.
  4. Rose Hip Oil – Melissa Alatorre (on YouTube) always RAVES about Rose Hip oil on her snapchats, so naturally I had to try it. I grabbed this bottle from Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals on Amazon, and I think it’s really helping with evening out my skin texture. I used to have some SUPER dry patches and some normal dry patches, but it’s all even now, and even starting to be just NORMAL instead of dry all the time.
  5. EOS Lib Balm – These have been a favorite of mine for awhile, but I’m glad they started making it in a stick version which makes me SOOO excited. I don’t like the awkwardness of the ball shape (to be honest) and I think because it has to stay in that shape it’s a little more waxy. This one just seems to go on more smooth than the other (I could just be crazy, who knows).
  6. MakeUp ForEver Step 1 Nourishing – Since my face is starting to normalize out, I don’t need the Hydrating primer as much now. I still use it if I’m feeling extra dry that day, but the Nourishing one is still hydrating, just not as intense.
  7. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – I LOVE the texture of this. It’s perfectly in between the Urban Decay Weightless Concealer and the Tarte Maracuja Concealer. It’s smooth and creamy and is very lightweight with a full coverage. It’s great for summertime when I want my makeup to be more lightweight.
  8. MUD Cosmetics Bronzer in Endless Summer – If you saw my recent bronzer post, you know it’s one of my faves. I LOVE using this to warm up my skin to make it look like I’ve been tanning. I love that it’s NOT shimmery at all, and it goes one super smooth. It’s a warm color but it’s not orange (despite that picture). I would be careful if you’re on the fair side. This is more ideals for medium to tan skin tones.
  9. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Fearless – This blush really lives up to its name. It lasts ALL day even when I’m working 8+ hours in a hot humid warehouse (doing inventory). This color is fantastic too! It’s such a pretty bright summery pop of color. It’s not a super intense color and I think it would even work on fair skin if you go light handed (or use a SUPER fluffy brush). I really want more shades.

So for those of you who are curious on how I’m managing my stress levels, here’s what I’ve been using:

  • I use a lot of essential oils. Mostly, peppermint, and eucalyptus (not together, but depending on my mood) – I use this with a  diffuser / humidifier (I have this one in the living room and this one in the bedroom, and they both work fabulously).
  • I’ve been using the Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea Body Cream as often as I can remember to put it on.
  • I take the Doterra On Guard beadlets when I’m starting to feel sick. (I can’t take antibiotics due to my chronic pancreatitis).
  • I consume as much peppermint (tea, Altoids, Doterra beadlets) as I can to help with indigestion, and snack on ginger candies (also to help with digestion).
  • When I’m starting to feel EXTRA stressed I use my diffuser and put a few drops of the Plant Guru Stress Relief essential oil blend and just marinate in it overnight and usually for a few days, and I start to notice that panic bubble go away.

My mom is actually the one who got me into essential oils and at first I thought it was kinda one of those placebo effects type thing, but it really has actually helped my health in so many ways (let me know if you want a post about it).

Anyway, if you have any questions, let me know. I’m a total open book about my anxiety, and all the ridiculous health issues I have, because I feel like talking about it not only helps me, but it also helps other people who live with the same struggles.

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