Life Update Cont…

So my last life post was while I was in Palm Springs for my Grandmother’s birthday, and unfortunately, she passed away a few days after our return from the trip and just a few days shy of her 93rd birthday. Since then, my life has kind of just been on pause. I miss my grandmother so incredibly much. She was such an important figure in my life, and a far more incredible person than what most people thought. With that being said, I can’t be too sad about her passing, because during our trip I could see how badly her quality of life had become. She was constantly in pain (she could not be given any painkillers because of her liver), and would often cry out for help but couldn’t convey what was wrong. It was so hard to see her in that state and all we could do was try our best to make her as comfortable as possible. As soon as we returned from the trip, my mom called hospice (which was recommended by the doctor and my good friend who is a geriatric nurse), and the nurse came out the next day. The same night the nurse came top do the evaluation and admit her into the hospice program, my grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep. I think my grandmother was ready to go to heaven and join my grandfather (who passed away 15 years ago). We would show her home movies a lot to jog her memory of the family members, and every time my grandfather would come on the screen, it was the only time she stopped crying (from pain). She would just sit there quietly staring at him. I’m glad they’re together again. I miss both of my grandparents but I look forward to the day I get to see them both again.

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Thanks for reading this post. I felt like I needed to write this to get all the emotions and thoughts I’ve been feeling out, because I don’t tend to be an emotional person otherwise.

PS. I do have a few post that are coming (they’re already half written), but I have to settle some family business before I can finish them up.

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