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Bdellium Tools Auto Lip Crayons


First of all, I want to let you know that I did receive these for free from Bdellium Tools in exchange for an honest review, but I will be incredibly honest about these. You all know that I love Bdellium Tools brushes, but I was really reluctant to get these because I’m not the biggest fan of the lip pencil type lipsticks, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised by these. There has only been one other time that I’ve really love these type if lip products and it was the NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil. These have a very similar consistency except the Bdellium ones have more of a satin finish than a gloss finish. It’s very slippery smooth like a balm, but with more pigment.

Anyway, let’s get to swatches:


Left – Lil’ Red, middle – Kadooment Orange, Right – Sinister Rouge

I will say these have been GREAT for summertime when using a liquid lip is just out of the question (my lips are way too dry). It’s nice and hydrating and has such fun colors. I especially love the middle shade. It’s PERFECT for Summer. They aren’t the most long lasting, but they do stain a little so you won’t completely lose the color.

These come in a set of 7 for $70, so $10 a piece is definitely a good price. However, I will admit that I don’t think it’s necessary to get all of the colors. If you like them, though, I would definitely recommend them. I do like that these twist up instead of having to sharpen them (like the NARS one). I would buy these again, but I wish they were sold individually. If you want to check them out, they are available on their website here.

2 thoughts on “Bdellium Tools Auto Lip Crayons

    1. Honestly they contacted me, because I’m part of their affiliate program. Their website has the info if you want to apply. 😊

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