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Natasha Denona Body Glow


I’m not going to lie I had to get my hand one these when I saw this picture of Desi Perkins:

Photo from Desi Perkin’s Instagram account @DesiPerkins

I mean COME ON! Is she not absolutely stunning?!?! That glow is to kill for so naturally I had to buy whatever she was using.

However, when I was on the website, I couldn’t for my life figure out what color I should get, so I got both medium and dark and when I got it, I was confused because the bottles look exactly the same. Then I went to swatch it and it was definitely different:


I don’t know why, or if this is normal, but the dark one I got was significantly more liquid-y than the medium. I think the medium has a lot more shimmer pigment and the dark is more oil than shimmer (which is usually better on darker tones anyway). As you can tell, the medium is FAR too pale for me. I would look like a disco ball if I used it and I think the dark would have been a prettier swatch if the medium wasn’t so blinding next to it, but it is really pretty and flattering on. The medium would actually not be this frosty if I had used less, and a kabuki brush to buff it out. I think it would look BEAUTIFUL on more pale skin tones & cooler skin tones. These bottles are $55 each at With these, a little goes a LONG way (as you can see), so these bottles will last quite a bit. Do I think it’s worth it? Honestly, I think if you spend a lot of time at pool parties or beach parties or even just wanting to look glam at the beach it’s a great product, but I don’t actually party. I’ll probably use these next year when I go to Florida and Cancun, but here at home, it’s definitely not necessary.




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