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5 All Time Favorite Fall Polishes


I feel the need to say that this is not a post sponsored by OPI. I just happen to really love their polishes. Their formula and brush are the best.

Anyway, these are my absolute favorite Fall nail polishes. Here they are swatched:


Thumb: French Quarter For Your Thoughts – It’s a little unfair to say this is a fall favorite because it’s one of my all time favorites, but this mushroom taupe-y gray is the perfect gray for Fall.

Index: At Your Quebec & Call – This shimmery olive green is nice and warm and ties in beautifully with all the other warm Fall tones, but works well with cool tones as well.

Middle: Music Hall Curtain Call – Reddish orange with golden flecks. I love this polish. It’s shimmery, and not quite orange and not quite red. The gold flecks are really pretty in the sunlight.

Ring: Vodka & Caviar – This red is also my favorite red of all time (I’ve bought many bottles since the collection launched in 2007). I like that it’s a deeper blue based red and it’s one of the few “jelly” finish reds on the market.

Pinky: It’s a Piazza Cake – This gorgeous burnt orange just screams Fall trees and pumpkin patches. It’s a really great base for Jack-o-lantern nails.

Some of these polishes are “retired” but they’re still available online (if you do a bit of digging) and I actually have seen all of these at random small mom and pop beauty supply stores (Vodka & Caviar is the most difficult for me to find).

What are your favorite Fall nail polishes?

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