Mani Monday – Halloween Edition: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not going to lie, The Nightmare Before Christmas is my go to Halloween Nails. Mostly because I only have to dig for a black and a white polish and it’s a lot easier than it looks. These were last year (right) and the year before’s (left) nail art. Not going to lie, the hardest one to do was actually Zero. I kept messing his face up. Tip: use an orange rhinestone for Zero’s nose. This picture was taken before I realized it shows up much better than trying to put an orange dot that is opaque enough to show up over black. Alternatively, you could use rhinestones for Jack’s eyes, but then it’s round (kinda of like the one on the right).

I actually always keep black and white striper polish bottles, but you can easily use some cheap detail brushes from Michaels. (Just make sure it doesn’t shed). I’ll have more Halloween inspired nail art up this month.

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