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Packing – Carry On Style

So I’m one of those people who over packs. Like seriously over packs. I’ve never been restricted to only a carry-on for a trip longer than a long weekend, but I’m not paying for my travel this time, around so I can’t really complain. It’s definitely been a struggle to figure out how to pack. Here’s an AWESOME tip on how to pack all your liquids onto a carry-on.


Besides the obvious of using travel sized products (I like using the stuff I got in my Ipsy bags), but if you have certain products that you LOVE here’s two ways you can reduce the space you take up:


These dropper bottles only hold 15ml and are GREAT for my rosehip oil, split end salve, and essential oils (for when I bring my diffuser). It’s available on Amazon for $12.99 for 24 of them (they have packs of 12 for $10 too).

Squeeze tubes.JPG

These squeeze tubes were great for my primer, face wash, night creams, other thicker creams that the dropper doesn’t work as well with. These are also from Amazon and are available in either 5ml or 10ml and are available in packs of 5, 10 or 20 pieces.


These spray bottles are GREAT because they’re less than an ounce (20ml to be exact), because it’s the perfect sized for toner spray, my Extreme Cat, rubbing alcohol, setting spray, and hydrating sprays. I originally bought these to bring my stuff to the gym, but I realized I get a good week + of use out these tubes, even though they’re so tiny and compact. Of course, I found these on Amazon also.

Btw the cosmetic bag is the Flight 001 X-Ray quart bag, and it’s available at Amazon & Nordstrom.

For clothes, I’m packing a few of these AMAZING American Eagle Outfitters Soft and Sexy t-shirts & Cutout Shoulder Sweater,  my yellow coat, a jacket from Athleta (similar one here), some jeans, leggings, booties (I’m going to wear my knee-highs), only one Zpalette with – contour, highlight, eyeshadows, and . All of this is going to fit into my Zuca Flyer bag.


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