Lime Crime Velvetines


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this on my blog, but I have basically refused to buy from Lime Crime the past few years (that is until now). I really LOVED the Red Velvet Velvetine, but their customer service was so awful that I just couldn’t support a company like that. Long story short – I had bought their black Velvetine (can’t remember the name), and it wasn’t opaque at all and was very greenish so I contacted customer support to exchange the product. They basically said no and accused me of tampering with the product to make it inferior so I could get a new second tube. Needless to say, I was pretty offended and horrified that they would even suggest that. Also, around that time there was a LOT of bad press about them, so I just decided I was done. However, it’s been a few years, and I haven’t heard anything bad since, so I decided to give them a try again. I decided this time though to buy through Naimies, because it a) protects my bank account / cc in case Lime Crime ever gets hacked again, b) if I have a problem I go to the Naimie’s CS for exchanges instead of Lime Crime, and c) I get a pro discount on them. So overall a win in my book. I HIGHLY recommend buying these through a 3rd party if you want to protect yourself from dealing with Lime Crime and their random issues.

I of course HAD to buy the metallics (Zenon – Yellow Gold & Lana – Bronze).


The top is in indoor filtered light, the bottom is in the sunlight.

If you look closely at Zenon, you can tell it’s a little spotty and not as opaque. When I tried it in store it didn’t have that problem, so I’m wondering if the tube just had some slight separation or if maybe it needs to dry up just a tad… I will say that I had to use a makeup removing oil to get it off. Regular wipes did absolutely nothing which is awesome for longevity. These are always pretty comfortable on the lips. They aren’t super drying, but I also don’t recommend layering more than 2 layers or it gets kind of thick and will crumble /  never dry (if you don’t wait).

Overall I think they’re great formulas. Not the best, but still great. I would rather support other brands for substitutable colors, but for the more unique colors, I wouldn’t mind purchasing again.

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