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Dose of Colors – Black Rose & Kat Von D Dupes


I was so stoked that Dose of Colors re-released this color! I’ve been trying to find a good dupe for this for quite some time, but I haven’t found one with a formula I like. What was kind of sad, was that I had literally JUST bought the Kat Von D Vampira (which I’ve heard was a dupe) in the liquid lipstick and studded lipstick. I’m glad I got them all at the end because they’re similar, but definitely not the same.


This is DOC Black Rose by itself. Look at how GORGEOUS this color is. Super rich in deep blood red color. I love it.


L – KVD Vampira liquid lipstick, C – KVD Vampira studded lipstick, R – DOC Black Rose

I honestly think all 3 of these are gorgeous and side by side, it looks like Vampira (liquid lipstick) is more orange brown based red  and Black Rose looking more blue based. Both formulas are really comfortable. I know I usually have issues with KVD liquid lipsticks being patchy, but I didn’t have an issue with this shade which is GREAT.

It looks like Black Rose is still available on the DOC website for $20. I would snag one before they’re gone again! KVD Vampira is available on her website and at Sephora and it is also $20 for the liquid lipstick & $21 for the studded lipstick.



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