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Enlight Illuminator by Danessa Myricks


I randomly saw these Enlight pigment powders at Nigel’s and I had to grab them. They were soo pretty that I couldn’t resist.


I used the TEENIEST amount and it was pretty decent swatch.

Radiance (on the left) is a white shimmer with gold reflects. This is definitely too white based for me to use alone, but it’s SOOOO pretty on top of another highlighter. (I’ve been pairing it with Prosecco Pop).

Gocha Glow (on the right) is a warm bronzey gold color. It’s really pretty. I used this for my company’s holiday party and so many people complimented me on my highlight! It’s so pretty and when it’s blended out it’s even prettier.

I wish there was sun out when I took this picture, because you’d be able to see the sheen and reflects so much better.

The formula is a little for Radiance is “drier” than Gocha Glow, but I think it’s because of the reflects. I still really like them, and I want to get more! These go for $20 at Nigel’s.


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