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Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit


I was pretty excited to get this glow kit because I really loved the other Anastasia glow kits. However, this one fell short for me. The colors are soo pretty and right up my alley, but Kathleen Lights was right, this palette is really glittery. Now mind you, I don’t mind glittery highlighters at all, but these were definitely more glittery than I care for.


img_1913(Left to right: Snow, White Sand, Golden Dawn, Sunray, Amber Gold, Hot Sand)

Golden Dawn is really my favorite because it’s a very true gold. The texture is pretty similar to the rest of the Anastasia highlighters, these just have more glitter in them than the others.


I took a picture of these at a different angle in case the other picture doesn’t quite show how much glitter is in these. They’re pretty chunky glitters too (compared to other glittery highlighters). With that being said, I honestly think these would still be REALLY pretty to “top” your highlighters with just at the very high point of your cheekbones to give them extra pizazz or as always they make good eyeshadows. These will blend out really easily, but then make the glitter more obvious as you blend, so be careful when blending (or you’ll end up with a face full of glitter). I great way to minimize the glitter a control your blending is to actually take a dry makeup sponge (I would us a cheap one that you can throw away so that glitter doesn’t get stuck on your beauty blender) and just dab lightly. The glitter will stick to the sponge and blend your edges.

I went a little ham on the highlighters and pigments, because Christmas / New Years = everything sparkly to me, so I’ll have a few more post on these coming up for you. 🙂

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