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Urban Decay- Urban Junkie Bag

I went to the Urban Decay Del Amo Store Grand Opening, to refill my Chill Setting Spray, and picked up 2 nail polishes & the Urban Decay Junkie bag too. Haha oops.


I had been curious about this bag and how it compares to a Zuca Large Utility Pouch for awhile now. I LOVE my Zuca bags & have like 8 of these pouches, plus the insert organizers for the Flyer bag. I do notice that when I travel, I do still have to use 2 Zuca pouches to pack my beauty products. It’s not that big of a deal because it fits so perfectly into my bag, but I still wanted it for traveling purposes.


First, this bag is MUCH bigger than the Zuca inserts.


When you open it, you’ll see that both sides are sectioned off by dividers with pouches.


The first side has a pouch on the inside of that half’s section of the bag.


The other side has 2 pouches that are accessible from both sides.

Both of the dividers are made of mesh with no lining and the bag itself is all fabric. I honestly wish that they had a plastic/vinyl lining like the Zuca bags. It just makes cleaning much easier. Lord knows the times I’ve opened my bag and there’s lipstick and foundation smears all over the bag. With the Zuca I just wipe it up with a wet cloth or Clorox wipe. This one seems like I would have to wash it and if it was red lipstick it may stain. :/


I wanted you show you guys the zipper detail. It’s a purple and gray-green duo shift. It;s SOO pretty.

I still really like the bag. It will serve many purposes for when I travel. This might actually turn into my electronics bag (tablet, camera, phone, cords, laptop). It doesn’t quite fit into my Zuca Flyer the same way the pouches do, but I can still get it in there with the Zuca pouches so I’m not really concerned. The bag is really stylish and I can’t help but love it even if it might not be used for it’s intended purpose.

This bag goes for $44 and is only available on their website or in their stores. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their beauty junkie rewards program because you will get $20 kick backs when you earn enough points. The Zuca Utility Pouches are available at Naimies (in store), Nigel’s (their website is currently down so I can’t link it), and the Zuca Website for $17.

If you don’t have a ton of makeup & are on a budge, I would recommend the Zuca bags but if you want to splurge and get a really stylish bag, I would go with the Urban Junkie Bag.

Let me know your thoughts and if any of you have ever used these to travel with.

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