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Morphe Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palettes


I’m not going to lie I didn’t really think I wanted these that badly until I saw Jaclyn Hill swatch the metallics. I decided even if I only wanted the metallic colors, these palettes were affordable enough to justify buying it for those specific shadows.


These palettes are so pretty, but I now officially have like 100 brown palettes. Oh well.

Let’s start with the Copper Spice Palette:img_1940

Here it is swatched:img_1943img_1944img_1945img_1946img_1947

The fourth row is by far my favorite. Especially the 2nd from the right (because I LOVE my golds).

Next up the Bronzed Mocha Palette:



The metallics of these are out of this world. I’m not going to lie. I used primer to swatch these because I always have to use primer to get Morphe shadows to show, but the metallics are pretty pigmented and I doubt I really needed the primer to get it to show up. Most the matte shadows are pretty typical, but there were a hand of mattes (mostly in the Bronzed Mocha palette) that we SUPER dry and felt icky to swatch. There are a few shadows in each palette that have glitter reflects (but aren’t the metallics) and they were just meh as well. I’m still happy I snagged one because I really like the metallics, and there are some good peach shadows in here that I’ve been looking for anyway.

I don’t think these are still available on their website (they might still have some in store), but if you missed out on these, and really want these I feel like the 35F palette is VERY similar to a mix of these two.

Did anyone else snag these? How did you feel about them?

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