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Urban Decay Mini Haul


I know what you’re thinking, and yes I did JUST buy a bottle of Chill, but I can never have enough backups. Haha. I had Beauty Junkie Points that I wanted to use before they expired, so I bought some stuff… The Optical Illusion primer, Chill setting spray, Quick Fix prep spray, Razor Sharp eyeliner in Space Cowboy, and the Liquid Moondust eyeshadow in  Zap.

Here are swatches of Zap & Space Cowboy:


I really like the brush on the Razor Sharp liners, because it really can give you a sharp wing, BUT I did not have a steady hand and things went awry when I swatched. it.

The Moondust shadow as you can see is GORGEOUS, but initially out of the bottle it is a little clumpy and very liquidy. I don’t know if you should shake it first. I tried and it didn’t seem like you can really shake it, but it’s easy to smooth out with a brush and soak up some of that liquid to let it dry and set faster.

The Quick Fix Prep Spray feels amazing when you spray it on. Very hydrating and smells like coconut (because it has coconut water in it). I haven’t used it enough to see if it’s really made a difference, but so far so good.

The Optical Illusion Primer. OH MY GOD. This is a game changer. It really does fill in all those pores (very similarly to Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer, & Too Faced’s Primed &n Poreless), but this is SUPER silky soft and hydrating. It feels like a dream going on. It has both Rosehip & Argan oil which are both SUPER good for you. Just be careful to not use too much or it will pill a little (which you can dust off), but you really only need a little bit.

Have any of you tried any of these new products? How are you liking them? I’m in LOVE and soo happy that Urban Decay has really upped their skincare line. These are fantastic.

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Mini Haul

    1. Yes!!! The Razor Sharp Eyeliners are amazing even if I’m usually too lazy to do a wing. LOL . You definitely should give the Moondust Shadows a try. I think they would be super gorgeous even to use as a base for another shadow or a topper to make the shadows POP. Love them!

      1. Naked Skin or All Nighter? I’m curious about All Nighter with my super dry skin and a little too nervous to try it in case it dries me out completely, but I want to try at the same time. Haha

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