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J.Cat Beauty


I first heard about J.Cat Beauty from Ipsy. I had received one of their Blinkle shadows in my bag and I was instantly in LOVE. I’ve bought their bronzer (which I love) and I decided I wanted more of their shadows.

First is a swatch of the two Blinkle shadows:img_1964On the left is 111 Oh my Ruby. It’s such a pretty foiled Cranberry color. On the right is 101 Honey Amber. I really pretty foiled bronze color. Not quite honey or amber, but definitely still gorgeous. This shadow came in completely shattered, but I decided that it was easier to just fix it with rubbing alcohol than sending it back.

Next up the Creme Brulee Triple Crown Baked Shadow:

I swatched the colors separately (the 3 on the right), and the one on the left is them mixed together. These are JUST as creamy and pigmented as the Blinkle shadows and I’m sold for forever.

Lastly: the Dolce De Leche Triple Crown Baked Shadow:

Once again the 3 on the right are the colors swatched individually, and the one on the left is them mixed together.

These shadows are no joke creamy pigmented goodness. Not even going to lie, I fully intend on using the Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadows as highlighters. They are SUPER pretty.

My only complaint about these are that they are only available online, and the color selection is pretty small at this time. I hope they plan on increasing their shades soon!

They are really inexpensive at $5.99 each and I actually got these on sale for buy one get one 50% off at Ulta. I didn’t know there was a sale when I went to check out, but when I realized it I definitely added another shadow to my cart. Haha

While I was at Ulta, I also decided to splurge on an It Cosmetics brush. Sooo SOFT. I’m probably going to hoard more soon.


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