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New Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks & Highlighter!


I’ve been dying to get my hands on the new highlighter and the new liquid lipstick colors, but I wanted to wait until I had a chance to go to Naimie’s to get them.

You all know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dose of Colors liquid lipstick formula. It’s so lightweight and wears so easily, but I haven’t really tried anything else from them. So I decided to try the new Supreme Glow Highlight in Gold is the New Black.

I also wanted to show you the color compared to another gold toned highlighter and Prosecco Pop was the only thing I had nearby.


Prosecco Pop is on the left and Gold is the New Black is on the right. I LOVE this color, I think it’s really pretty, the formula is SOO silky smooth. I think it’s GREAT. However, I do think it would be a little dark on anyone pale, so of you’re fair skinned, I think it might look a little muddy on.


Next here are the new liquid lipstick colors. I also picked up Kiss of Fire because I didn’t have it and I didn’t know why.


Left to right: Kiss of Fire, Cold Shoulder, Rosebud, and Supernatural.

I’m really loving the new colors. I really like the white / grey based colors. What was weird was when I swatched Kiss of Fire, it was WAY more watery than the others (which is why I struggled to swatch it). Then I remembered that when I first bought Merlot, I had the same problem and I needed to let it dry out a bit before I could get a smoother application.  So I think I’m going to have the same problem with this and I’ll need to let it dry out a bit. It’s still a pretty color though.

The Supreme Gold Highlighter is $28 & the liquid lipstick $18/ea and available at Naimies and the Dose of Colors website.

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