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Valentine’s Day Wishlist

I haven’t done a Wishlist Wednesday in a while, so here’s all the stuff I REALLY want, but I’m definitely am not going to get from hubby because it’s just out of our price range right now and I’m okay with that.

I have been DYING to get this new Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera. I actually did buy it in an after Christmas Day sale on the Canon website, but then I was told that it was back ordered and they couldn’t even give me an estimated date on when it would be back in stock. I originally wanted it for some trips I have coming up, but if they couldn’t tell me if it would be back in stock before March so I canceled it. I would advise to get it through Amazon ($449). It’s much less of a headache and it’s the same price (or cheaper for bundles). I ultimately decided I don’t really need a new one just yet because my Canon EOS M3 works perfectly fine.

I would absolutely LOVE this F&V R-300 LED Ring Light  ($199) that Katy from @lustrelux (on IG & YouTube) has. I think I would be more inspired to actually take pictures of my makeup more often. Currently, I’m using this ring light for my camera ($29.99) and it works fantastic for taking pictures, but the lighting in my vanity/bathroom area is SOO different from the light from this camera and the results aren’t always what I see in the mirror which is frustrating. The F&V one can be mounted to a stand to simulate the lighting you would get when using this to take pictures (the one I have cannot), and overall it’s just a much more heavy duty ring light, but it’s not as big and bulky as the other typical stand alone ring lights.

I’ve been wanting a good full sized food processor, and this Cuisinart 14 cup on is the one I’ve been coveting for forever. I currently have a mini one that does a good job with chopping and pureeing, but it’s small and I want one that can slice and shred. I want to be able to make baba ganoush, hummus and ratatouille (or potato au gratin) easily. The only other problem is that this takes up a LOT of space and I’m rapidly running low (because I stupidly bought and ice cream maker that I have yet to use).

These are really just the big things I’ve been waiting for quite awhile now, but I’m not ready to splurge on any of it yet, but it’ll happen one day. Although, by the time I decide to pull the trigger new camera might be out, and I might want that one more. I’m going to continue my search for a similar ring light that’s less expensive because I don’t really need one that heavy duty. I’ll keep you posted if I find one.

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