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Black Moon Cosmetics – Black Metals Liquid Lipstic


I have been wanting to try these out for some time, but the one I really wanted was Myth and it was sold out for awhile. When they brought it back I jump on the chance to snag it along with Armageddon, & Sorrow.


Here they are swatched on my arm:


Indoor with incandescent lighting
Indoor with natural lighting.

I will say that these wear very similar to the Dose of Colors foiled liquid lipsticks. They’re super comfy and dry more matte than their other liquid lipsticks. The ONLY thing I have to say is that because it’s a blackened base, it’s easy to smear black residue everywhere, so you have to be careful to not touch your mouth. It also comes off pretty easily with any oil, but otherwise is pretty stubborn.

Here’s some pictures of me actually wearing the lipsticks.





Forgive me for the difference in skin tone, not only were these pictures taken at really different times of the day, but I’ve also been playing with different foundations, powders, and techniques.

Let me know if you have any questions!




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