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Morning Hikes


So now that the weather isn’t terrible, I’ve been going on a walk/hike every morning and again in the late afternoon/early evening.


Point Vicente Lighthouse has been a staple place to walk for quite some. It’s nice short quick walk, but it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s also whale watching season,s o if you’re lucky and paying attentions you’ll get to see some whale migrating!


I also went to the Korean Bell & friendship park in San Pedro recently. It’s the first time I’ve been there since I can remember.  If you walk past the bell to the backside. The view is PHENOMENAL! You can see the Long Beach/Pedro Harbor on one side and the PV Cliffs on the other side.


The South Bay Botanical Gardens is also a GREAT place to walk. It’s actually really big and because it’s on a hillside, it’s a good workout. It’s cherry blossom season so it was really pretty in the cherry blossom amphitheater. There’re a few other flowers that are currently in bloom, but the cacti and succulents are for SURE in bloom with all the water and heat.


Last but not least, but new absolute favorite place to go is the trails at Terranea. I’ve been to Terranea Resort for dinner and weddings before, but I never realized there were trails all around. I discovered this the other day when walking with a friend, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s BEAUTIFUL there, the trails go up and down the side of the cliffs making it a great workout, and it’s pretty big, so it’s a damn good workout. Plus if you get tired or thirsty, they have a cafe at the front of the resort and at the Spa. You can duck into one of the MANY restaurants/bars for a quick drink too, just remember it’s really pricey there. I rarely actually get something unless someone else is paying, because it’s definitely out of my price range. There is a beach access so if you got hot and wanted to take a dip you can, but keep in mind that the coastline here is pretty rocky. I don’t recommend going into the water from anywhere other than their beach access point with a lifeguard present (even though you can from certain spots on the trail). The water can get rough and some of those rocks are huge, so if you’re not an experienced swimmer it can get really bad really fast. Here’s a slide show of what other scenery you can expect.

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