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Celestial Festival Makeup

So I knew I wanted to do a celestial / ethereal type of look, because I’m obsessed with it. My only problem is I’m a huge believer in not spending more than 20 mins on makeup especially while traveling or on the go because you miss out on a lot of stuff you could be doing when you spend an hr + just getting ready. So I wanted to find a way to get a similar effect without spending forever getting it done. 20170330_11342120170330_11361220170330_110649

I used Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Secret Weapon on the brow bone and created the shape I wanted with this. Then I took the Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Shadow Eye Shadow in 113 and deepened around the outer corners of my eyes (you know where your face naturally concaves a bit) to create some dimension. I also brought it down my face in the shape of tears falling, Then I used the KVD Alchemist palette the Saphyre & Amethyst on my inner corners, I highlighted the cheekbones with Opal to give it a more pinky sheen. I used Amethyst on my cupid’s bow. I also dabbed a mix of Graftobian’s Glitter Glam Liquid Skin Sparkle in Opal Confetti and Sapphire Sky on my browbones and cheekbones.

My lips are DOC in Desert Suede.

Lashes are HOL Iconic Mini… I accidentally destroyed this pair trying to remove and clean them, so I need to buy more and will be getting them in the Lite version too.

I did just get some new goodies –  silicone sponges, more UD liquid lipsticks, new items from the UD Meltdown collection (I LOVE the original Meltdown Makeup Remover), so reviews and such will be up soon. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Celestial Festival Makeup

    1. These are the ones I ought from Amazon: . With silicone sponges I didn’t think there would be a point to buying a more expensive one because they’re all made the same way and these were less than $8 for a pack of 3. Here’s to hoping they work!

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