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Silicone Makeup “Sponges”

Man oh man I have been MIA for almost a month. I’m not going to lie it was partially because I broke out like crazy (because I ate almost an entire chocolate cake….. over a week but still not good for you…) and I didn’t want to irritate my skin by trying a ton of new products. Also, I wanted to give the products a fair shot and not just feel blah about it because my skin was pissy. The other part was I hit sloth mode last week and it hit HARD (my dot was hitting me extra hard). It was SOOO difficult to motivate me to do anything.

Anyway, I’ve been curious about this silicone sponges because if I’m spending a ton of money on foundation, I would like to save as much of it as possible. Since silicone sponges are basically all the same (denseness might change slightly due to size) I decided to get some inexpensive ones off of Amazon with different shapes to see if the different shapes help.

Silicone Sponge

This trio from Amazon is what I ended up with and it was only $7.89 for 3.

While the quality of this sponge is great, (it cleans easily, it’s sturdy and doesn’t break easily, and it’s comfortable) I just don’t enjoy the way it applies the makeup. I tried it with different foundations just to see if it made a difference, but very ironically I feel like this method is really drying. Like my face feels dehydrated and tight when I apply my makeup with this sponge. On top of the fact that it takes FOREVER to pounce this all over your face. It works best if you sudo spread it out with a flat foundation brush first and then pounce to smooth everything out, but then it’s still wasting foundation on the brush (not a lot). No joke, the first time I used it, I got so tired of pouncing that I just started smearing it around instead which I do not recommend. I did find that I like using this to apply cream blush and highlighter though. I just think it’s too much work to put foundation on with this and I didn’t notice using any less foundation than when I use a brush.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy these again when they die, but I probably will continue to use them to apply my cream blush and highlighter.

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