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My Disney Obsession

For those of you who follow my Instagram (@theredlipbitch if you feel inclined to give me a follow) you know I have a slight obsession with all things, Disney. I have a HUGE collection of  Disney mugs (I kinda collect mugs in general – mainly Disney, Starbucks & Anthro), I collect the shoe ornaments,  I have a TON of the mini Tsum Tsum stuffed animals, and now my current obsession is these Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers:


I normally would pass on Lip Smackers products (because it seems so childish), but I recently re – picked up my old Dr Pepper Lip Smackers (that I bought out of desperation one day) and started using it (despite the fact that it smells kinda gross). My lips have honestly never felt so soft. I’ve been dealing with some dry, cracked, peeling lips and after using my Dr Pepper one for a day, my lips feel more plumped and all the dry skin has sloughed off. So now knowing that these chapsticks work (and after being disappointed time after time by different chapsticks), I decided to buy these because they’re cute and work. Yes, this is how I rationalize things (this is also why I have too much stuff for my own good).

Anyway, I’ve been BEGGING my husband to get Disneyland passes again, but he hasn’t wanted to because he was burnt out of going all the time. Now that all of his friends and their gfs have passes, he was okay with splurging on the passes. It also helps that the Guardians of the Galaxy ride just opened. Since we’re going to Florida in a month, we decided to get the Premier Pass (that’s bi-coastal) because the difference would be cheaper than buying like a 4-day park hopper at WDW. Soo excited for this pass.

So there maybe quite a few Disney posts coming up. 😉

Any other Disnerds out there? I’m always looking for new ideas and things to do at Disneyland, so let me know so I can give you a follow!


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