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Dose Of Colors Old Flame & Milk & Honey

So we all already know that I’m obsessed with the DOC liquid lipsticks & Supreme Glow Highlighters. Naturally, I wanted to try at least one other color for the Supreme Glow Highlighter (since they previously only had one). I wanted to make sure that the formula was the same and that the pigmentation is the same. I did swatch all of the colors while I was at Naimies and they all feel just as smooth and buttery, and the pigmentation on them is great. I only picked up Milk & Honey, though, because I felt like it was the only one that I liked with my skin tone. The other colors are pretty but are either meant for far more fair skin tones than I am, or for far darker skin tones than I am which is great because she really did think of every type of skin tone when creating these. As far as the Old Flame liquid lipstick, it does feel a little thinner of a formula than most of her shades. but I didn’t have trouble with bleeding or application. It still wears beautifully and comfortably.

Here are some swatches for you. Sorry, the lighting isn’t the best. It’s been cloudy so I depend on my house lights.

Old Flame:

Old Flame (L) & Campfire (R):

Milk & Honey (I swatched the side of my wrist so that I had some color to show off the highlight better… Tink also wanted to make an appearance):

Milk & Honey next to Gold is the New Black:

Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with this purchase. I LOVE burnt orange lipstick shades so much.


I also just wanted to show you the difference in packaging from the OG  Supreme Glow highlighter and the new ones. More poor Gold is the New Black is so beat up from traveling everywhere with me.

Also, I have a new addition to the family:


I finally decided to replace my betta (Neptune) that passed a few years ago. This little guy’s name is Levi (short for Leviathan). He’s feisty and loves attention, so I try to make sure I sit next to his tank a good couple hours a day to keep him company. I also get him to follow my fingers and “dance” with me.  For anyone who is curious. Levi’s tank is a 5.5 gal tank, with a low flow filter, and heater. It is an open top, but I put mesh over the top to prevent him from jumping out. No, 5.5 gals is NOT too much for a betta. I had my last guy in a 3.5 gal tank, but he just wasn’t happy, so I upped his tank to a 5.5 and he was soo happy. I prefer it because I can give him more plants without taking all his swim space and he likes having all the plants to play in. If you are getting a betta, please know that the MINIMUM size tank that a betta should be in is 2.5 gals (3 is better for heating purposes). Anything less than that is considered cruel. While they do live in “shallow puddles”, those “puddles” are actually paddy fields, floodplains, ponds, rivers, marshlands and canals. All in which still have lots of water. If you are considering getting a betta fish for the first time, PLEASE do your research (as you should with ANY pet) before getting one. Find credible sources (bettatalkBetta Fishy) to get advice from and jump into some forums. Pinterest is probably the worst place to looks, as they like to show you “cute” ways to house your betta and 90% of them are not healthy environments. Sorry for the detour on this blog today, but pet care is always important even for little fishies.

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