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What’s In My Bag

I decided to do a quick post of what’s in my bag because I’m always curious about what everyone else is carrying, so maybe someone else is interested in what’s in my bag. LOL

I almost always just use a small crossbody bag (usually Kate Spade, but I do have a Chanel Le Boy that I’m generally too afraid to take out and accidentally scratch). Just to let you know, most of my Kate Spade stuff is from the outlet, so I spend a LOT less on my bags than one would think, Also, I don’t feel as bad when I accidentally destroy them (though these bags are rather sturdy). Because my bag is so tiny, I typically only have; my wallet (also Kate Spade), my phone (I’m 100% an Android girl, and probably will always be because I break iPhones too easily…), power bank (I LOVE THIS ONE), Chip & Dale compact mirror my friend got me from Japan like 8 years ago, chapstick (yes, I’m addicted to the Smackers ones again), and a lipstick (typically a DOC liquid lip, but it changes from time to time). I do carry my keys with me too, but I typically clip (with a carabiner) it to the strap of my purse, or to my belt loop and jingle jangle everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by for this quick little post. I’ve been really busy making stuff for my upcoming trip, so I haven’t had as much time to post. I also am still a little scared to do my eye makeup after that horrendous allergic reaction I had in my eye a few weeks back, so I’m still building the courage to do a look for you guys. I’ll get there soon I promise.

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