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My Makeup Brush Set

I’ve been meaning to do a review of this company for awhile. I randomly saw pictures of these on IG and clicked the picture that took me to the brand page and clicked the link to buy. Now if you haven’t heard of this brand, they are inexpensive ($40 for a set of 10) and have really cute looking brush sets. With that being said. They are inexpensive for a reason. They are absolute crap (pardon my French). I used the Midas Touch Oval Brushes for less than a week. I actually ONLY used the large foundation brush.

Upon receiving them, I was instantly disappointed by how flimsy the plastic handles were. It felt cheap, but I figured it was cheap, so I guess I got what I paid for. The bristles themselves were soft enough, so I decided to give them a go anyway. It applied makeup okay and stayed soft, but it was a PAIN in the ass to clean. Not to mention while applied the makeup, I felt like I was going to snap the handles on accident (that’s how flimsy it was).

After about 3 days, I noticed that the “gold” paint was rubbing and peeling off. I guess it didn’t like the lotion I was using because it was rubbing off on the areas that I hold it from. Gross. I decided at this point that I’m done using the brushes.

2 months later of not touching these brushes at all, I looked at the large foundation brush and thought maybe I should give it ago again… So I went to run my fingers across the brush to remove some dust, and the whole bristle head just popped off. I went to go try running my fingers across one that I hadn’t used yet and then just a small chunk fell off. Talk about a pointless brush. I could glue it back into place, but why would I when I really should just throw them away. If you want to spend the $40 for a vanity prop, go for it, but don’t expect to use it. I simply do not have space on my vanity for useless brushes.

(I purposefully used low camera quality setting to show you that even with crappy settings, it’s obvious how bad these look.)

If you want to spend the $40 for a vanity prop, go for it, but don’t expect to use it. I simply do not have space on my vanity for useless brushes. If you EVER see a blogger or influencer tell you that they love their brushes and don’t go into detail about the pros and cons, they are being paid for their reviews and I wouldn’t trust them. I would understand that they say they love them because they’re pretty and they don’t use them, but a responsible influencer will also make sure you know what you are getting into.

My personal opinion is to stay away from this brand and any blogger/influencer who pushes them. They are not giving honest reviews. I understand with makeup everyone like different things, and everyone reacts differently to different products, but tools are tools and these suck.

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