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Packing for Orlando!!!

Aaah I’m so excited to be going to Orlando soon! I’m trying really hard not to over pack because I have no idea how much space we’ll have in the car (considering it’s 8 of us on this trip), so I squeezed everything into a check in bag, while hubby packed everything into a carry-on. I will be bringing an extra duffle for souvenirs so I can have another carry-on when we come back.


I love suitcase. It’s so easy to spot on the luggage carousel. I used the ZUCA travel organizers that came with my Zuca suitcase, but they have similar packing cubes on Amazon or eBags. These just also fit perfectly with the ZUCA bags so I like them.  One cube for shirts (about 9), one cube for shorts (9) ( I am not bringing pants because it’s a waste of space for how hot it’s going to be), a cube for undergarments & pjs, one small cube for swimsuits & a coverup, and two clear Zuca Clear Utility Bags (that I customized) for toiletries & makeup.


I also packed a mini backpack, my brush case, my Swell bottles (always necessary), extra trash bags (just in case), sandals (flip flops & Tevas), and scrapbook case to store my ears for Disney World.


I also threw my sunglasses in here because it’s easier than bringing a bunch of sunglass cases, but these will protect them from getting crushed and damaged. It does take up quite a bit of the space in the suitcase, but it’s worth it. I will be bringing a backpack on the plane as well, but it’s not going to have much other than my tablet, Surface Pro, moisturizers & wipes, and an extra set of clothes just in case.

Zuca utility bags can be found here & here.
Swell Bottles can be found here & here (this one has an Ebates cashback).

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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