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Drugstore Beauty Tryouts

So I rarely get drugstore makeup, because I’ve been so disappointed by them lately. I hear rave reviews from bloggers/YouTubers and then I’m usually disappointed in them. I think that they’re decent for the price point, but I typically would rather spend a little more for something I love. I totally understand that there are some people that actually truly love the some of the drugstore products they use, but they just personally don’t usually work for me. I do want to go over some stuff I tried recently.

Let start with the Maybelline products since all the beauty influencers were just in the Hamptons with Maybelline. Now, in all fairness I had been curious about the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick & the Vivid Matte lipsticks for a few weeks, so when I saw them all over Snapchat I pulled the trigger and bought one of each.

Vivid Mattes – This was my mistake, I forgot that these weren’t ones that dry down and don’t transfer. The formula on the lips is actually really similar to the matte formula for the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. These are just liquid vs an actually stick. I ended up returning this (not because it wasn’t a long lasting formula) because when I would rub my lips together it would leave a product line. I tried using less product, but it still would create a line and it just wasn’t worth constantly trying to smooth it out.

Super Stay Matte Ink – This one was SUPER weird. It’s supposed to dry down to a transfer proof, but it stayed REALLY tacky (like sticky) for about 20 mins before I gave up and tried to remove it, I SCRUBBED with a makeup remover and it took forever to remove. It also was pretty patchy. I returned this too.

Of the two, I definitely preferred the Vivid Mattes, but to be honest both the applicators were weird too, so it took some practice.


Wet & Wild – I was in the market for a good tinted lip balm, for those more natural summer day looks, and I have to say I really love both of these. The Pout Gel Lip Balms are really nice and hydrating and are nice and sheer. The Balm Stains are still pretty hydrating, but these have a more full coverage which wasn’t what I was looking for, BUT this one is nice because it does slightly stain the lips (not a lot) and it lasts a little longer than the Pout Gel Balm. These I definitely kept and I really like them, so if you’re looking for a more natural look this summer, I highly recommend these. I’ll probably grab them in a few more colors.


This one I’m still undecided about. It’s not bad for a drugstore makeup, and I like it better than the Better than Sex Waterproof, but I like my UD Cannonball mascara better. I get a teeny tiny bit transfer with this (not as much as I get from the Better than Sex one). My only reservation with this is that my tiny micro-lashes are still pretty invisible with this, even if I use a few layers. The Cannonball one doesn’t transfer as easily and I actually can see my lashes when using it, so I’ll probably be sticking to that one. This one is nice though for when I’m using falsies because it’s less drying on my lashes and is easier to remove at the end of the night.

Have any of you tried these? How do you feel about them?

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