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DesixKaty DoC Collection!!!

I know I’ve had mostly Dose of Colors posts lately (I should just apply to work for them), but I am OVERJOYED to be sharing this with you!! I woke up at 5:30 AM to drive my butt to Naimie’s to stand in line for these so that I could have them right away, but like honestly how could I not? IMG_20170814_080648_599IMG_20170814_133303_919

Since they announced the launch, it’s been killing me that the packaging looked so familiar. I was thinking that there was another palette I had that had the same packaging, but as soon as I got home from Naimies, I remembered about these shoes I got for my cousin’s wedding like 5 years ago. So perfect.

ANYWAY, onto what you’re really here for:




Left – Right: Harpoon, Turbosan, Noli, Suz (Harpoon and Suz used wet as instructed)


Left – Right: Gold is the New Black (used for comparison), Mírame, Fuego


Left – Right: Saváge, Hot Fire, More Creamer Please, No Shade, Over the Top

These colors are SOOO amazing. I just wish there was actual sunlight right now to show you what it looks like in the sun, but it is overcast at my place right now. The formulas feel great. I did struggle and picked up too much product with Suz, so there was a lot of fallout (even with water), Harpoon I struggled to get it opaque (even with water), but they are really pretty (esp Harpoon) so I think I can figure out a way to make it work for me. The two liquid lipsticks did really stain my arm, but that doesn’t bother me.

You all know I LOVE this brand and almost everything I’ve ever gotten from the and this collection is no exception. It’s gorgeous and well worth the money.

I do have an extra set (picked up by a friend), but my friend is currently playing with my collection to see what she wants to keep and what I can buy off of her. The items she ends up not choosing is going into a giveaway soon when I open my new Etsy shop. All the items from this collection for the giveaway will be UNOPENED, BRAND NEW. Please be following either my IG @theredlipbitch or my new IG for my Etsy store @geekygirlglam to know when the giveaway will be.

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