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Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighters

So I’ve been playing with the Wet N Wild MegaGlo highlighters in Crown of my Canopy and Precious Petals for awhile now and I have to say, I really love them. These were the first drugstore product to truly wow me in a LONG time. They perform just as well as high-end brands. My only problem is there aren’t very many colors to choose from so I was excited when they launched the palette for the holidays, but that was a fail. With that being said let’s get into swatches and pros and cons.

Let’s start with the palette:

TOP L-R: Sweet Peony, Diamond Lily    Bottom L-R: Wild Cosmos, Blushing Azalea
L-R: Sweet Peony, Diamond Lily, Wild Cosmos, Blushing Azalea

Now, this palette is was incredibly disappointing compared to their single pan MegaGlo highlighters. These are FAR more chalky and more glittery than glowy. The colors are rather lackluster as well. I do kind of like Wild Cosmos, it looks like a VERY antique gold in the pan (think going green type of oxidation), but it comes out to a pretty gold on the skin.  I don’t think most of these would be very flattering on most skins tones though, so I would say if you’re debating on getting this palette, I would pass.




L-R Crown of My Canopy, Precious Petal & Golden Flower Crown

These I’ve been loving!! They have a buttery texture and on the skin, they have a wet glowy look, which is what I prefer. I’ve been using Crown of my Canopy because I’ve been pretty tan lately and have been wanting a more natural glow, but I’ll use Precious Petals to brighten it up every now and then. I just got Golden Flower Crown, and this is such a pretty color and can’t wait to get it on my cheekbones, but it’ll definitely be brighter than I need for a while. I did want to compare these to the Dose of Colors DesixKaty Highlighters because the tones look very similar and the effect is actually very similar, so here are swatched below:

L-R: WNW-Crown of My Canopy, DOC- Mirame, WNW Precious Petals

As you can see, they’re not dupes, but definitely similar. Mirame looks like almost a mix of the two, but with more of a golden reflect.


L-R: DOC – Fuego, WNW – Golden Flower Crown

These are a far more obvious difference. Fuego is warmer with a yellow undertone and Golden Flower Crown is more of a champagne tone. Golden Flower Crown is definitely going to be more fair skin friendly.

Considering these are only $4.99 on Ulta, I’d say these are a good inexpensive highlighter and I definitely would rebuy these. The next drugstore highlighter I want to try is the Maybelline Master Chrome, but it’s been sold out everywhere I look. If you have the MegaGlo and Master Chrome highlighters, let me know how you feel about both of them and if there’s a big difference between them.




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